Hermana Lundy Willes

Hermana Lundy Willes

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Learning to Put the Lord's Will Before My Own

So cambios happened and I have a new area! It was a little tough to leave, especially because I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to anyone.  I cried and cried when I said goodbye to my Latinas!  They were such angels and I just love them so much.  But, the Lord knows what He's doing and, most importantly, through this I'm learning to put the Lord`s will before my own.

In my new area I live with a gringa, Sister Zapata, and she is awesome! It's a whole new world having another gringa around! We started speaking in English and I was like "this is weird, I don't know how to handle this!" But, it's super funny because in the middle of our sentences we'll just switch into Spanish without realizing it.

My new companion is Hermana Cladera and she's from La Paz, Bolivia and I know I'm going to learn a lot from her!  She's been out for casi nine months and I'm the fifth gringa she's trained.  She's a leader of the Hermanas, so I have to learn our area super fast because she has to go on intercambios (I don`t know what that is called in English) and I'll have to lead our area.  She's super great and I've already learned so much from her.  She has dengue right now, so we haven't left the house all week!  Lots of studying.  The district leader called us yesterday to get our numbers and he was like "Hermana Willes, what did you study today?"  Haha! It has been nice to just rest, especially with having to adjust to a new area!

The family we live with all plays tennis, so that's fun! I always am like, "ahhhh I just want to play with you! Come to the states after and we'll play!"

Dad, that's so cool about the missionaries.  (Steve attended church in Switzerland this past week and told Lundy about two missionaries who shared their testimonies) I actually shared my testimony yesterday in sacrament, so I could've been doing it at the same time! I'm in a new ward and the bishop had us stand up and invited us to share our testimonies.  I was super nervous too, but one of our recent converts wanted to go up and she was super nervous.  I just took a deep breath and reminded myself that I'm a missionary. I have to be the example. So we both went up and I just bore my super simple testimony in Spanish and then she bore hers.  This might sound weird, but it`s an experience that taught me so much.  I'm so grateful the Lord allowed me to be an instrument in His hands and help this girl, Vanessa, to share her testimony.

So that is pretty much all I have to tell from this week, sorry it's a little short on the spiritual side.  But, the church is true and the Lord love us soo much.  My testimony of His love grows everday, both through His evidences of love for me and everyone down here.  We truly never walk alone.  

Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Willes

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