Hermana Lundy Willes

Hermana Lundy Willes

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fernando was baptized! He is so wonderful and his baptism was so great! In one of our visits this week to him he told us that he is praying every night that he will stay faithful after his baptism and not fail Heavenly Father! He is so sweet!  The ward really welcomed him and they have done so much to make him feel welcome! He told us it made him feel so good that so many members went and were preoccupied for him. I`m so grateful for such a wonderful ward!

Andrea is doing really well as well.  She’s super excited to be baptized on the ninth! Tonight all the young adults are having a noche de hogar in her house, which should be really awesome! 

We also started teaching an old investigator, Viviana.  She had surgery a while back and so we were never able to find her and so we stopped teaching her.  But we stopped by on Saturday to invite her to the activity at Andrea’s house and on Sunday she went to church! It was such a big miracle!

We also started teaching another investigator, the wife of a member.  She’s really sweet and hopefully this will be her moment! She has been going to church for three years, but still hasn’t decided to get baptized!

I’m so grateful for my mission! Time is absolutely flying by, I can’t even believe how fast it is going! I just want it to slow down! I love this gospel so much and am so grateful to be a missionary!

I hope you all have the best week!

Hermana Willes

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Week Was So Uplifting

Wow!  This week was so good! We had a lot of conferences, but it was so uplifting! We had stake conference and Elder Baldarama came and spoke and it was so awesome! Both Andrea and Fernando were there and loved it!

Fernando is doing so well! He is getting baptized this Saturday and is so excited! He went to a baptism on Saturday and kept talking about how excited he is to be baptized.  He is just so humble.  He told us that before we taught him he had problems with the word of wisdom but when we taught him the story of Joseph Smith and showed him the scripture in James, he decided to ask Heavenly Father to help him not drink anymore.  And he hasn’t wanted to drink since that day! He always talks about the general conference talk that the spanish elder gave where he talked about being baptized at like fifteen and still being faithful in the church.  He says he wants to be like him.

Andrea is also doing really well.  She had school all this week and so we couldn’t see her a lot.  I was kind of worried, but then last night she told us how she is always talking with the members and she even went to a church party in the stake without us knowing! I’m so grateful for the ward members that have just taken her under their wing and become her real friends! She decided that she will get baptized the ninth of May, for her birthday.  She`s just so great!

We also started teaching Elizabeth, the friend of a member.  She is super great, she went to general conference with her friend and we found her there.  Turns out she already knows the bishop and a bunch of members!

We are just seeing so many miracles in our area.  I’m so grateful! I love this ward and this gospel and I know that Christ lives and truly does know us! I’m so grateful for the scriptures, they really do teach us all we need to know!  

I hope you all have the very best week!

Hermana Willes

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Just Love This Ward So Much!

Cambios were this week and I STAYED IN SENAC!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy when we got the call! I just love this ward so much! But Hermana Viera and Hermana Mamani both went to Santa Cruz and now I’m with Hermana Rivera from Honduras! She is hard working and super fun and I’m so grateful to be her companion!

Andrea is doing so well.  Yesterday she fasted all by herself.  We’re preparing her for the 25 of May and I’m so excited! She’s so great, it’s like she’s already a member.  The ward has been so helpful, inviting her to all the acivities and making sure she is always included in church.  I just love her so much!

We also had a really big miracle, we found a family! The Familia Carlo have three kids and they are so wonderful.  We found the mom, Fani, contacting in the street and went the next day and taught all of them.  They have so much faith and are so humble.  

Fernando is doing really well too.  He told us that every time he reads or prays he can feel his faith growing and that in the conferencia general he felt that as well.  He’s so humble and good.  I just love him!

We have so many miracles in our area, I really can’t even believe it.  I’m so grateful to Heavenly Father for all of the miracles He is giving us! To be honest, when I first left Santa Cruz and came sent to Senac it was hard—I missed Santa Cruz-- but now I’m so beyond grateful to be here! 

Also, one funny story.  My companion has a curling iron and I haven’t had access to one in sooo long and I was over the moon to be able to curl my hair again! So, Sunday morning I started to curl my hair and when I pulled the curling iron away, with it went my hair! So now I have a chunk of hair in the bottom that is shorter than all the rest! Oh how I love Bolivia!

But really, I am so grateful to be a missionary.  I just can’t say that enough! It’s the hardest thing, but also the best.  I’m so grateful for my Savior who died for me and who has walked with me every step of the way.  I know He lives and because He lives we all will too! 

I love you all, I hope you have the very best week!

Hermana Willes

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Conference was so Amazing!

WOW. Conference was so amazing! All four sessions in English. Yay! I felt like every talk was exactly what I needed to hear and they were all so amazing.  Honestly, some of my favorite memories of my mission so far are general conference-- cramming with all the gringos and watching and singing the songs in English.  There isn’t anything quite like it and I’m so grateful for the blessing of general conference in my life!

Andrea couldn’t go to general conference at the stake center, but she watched it home with her family! She is just progressing so much! She told us she is always sharing the gospel with her friends and talking to them about Christ, because it is always the solutions to their problems.  She is such an example to me of someone really converted! I just love her so much!  We are meeting with her tonight to set her baptismal date.

We also have another investigator, Fernando, who is also so great.  He is really humble and really just wants to do the right thing.  He went to two sessions of conference and told us that the thing he loved most was when they talked about baptism! He’s just so wonderful! He has as baptismal date of April 25!

We are seeing so many miracles in our area! We found some great new investigators this week who are so prepared to hear the gospel and already know the members! And, we even had a member from another ward bring a friend who lives in our area! I’m so grateful for all the miracles Heavenly Father is giving us! 

I’m just so grateful to be here in Bolivia as a missionary! I love love love my ward and all the members and I just love Bolivians! I love my Savior and I’m so grateful to be His missionary! I hope you all have the very best week!


Hermana Willes

All the gringos crowded into a room listening to conference in English.  
Love that Missionary peeking in on the right!