Hermana Lundy Willes

Hermana Lundy Willes

Monday, April 21, 2014

I've officially had my first baptism!

Well I’ve officially had my first baptism! It was a little stressful, but it happened! Daniel is a seventeen year old boy who has been coming to the church for about five years, but never was baptized.  His best friend, who is the only member in his family, gave us the reference and we taught him.  His friend assisted at all the charlas and it was sooo nice, because his friend was there to encourage him and support him.  Members make all the difference!  His friend, Johan, baptized him.   It was a little stressful because we probably should’ve filled the font a little higher and so he had to do it three times.  But, the last time he went completely under! He’s great and I love teaching him, because I always feel the spirit so strongly.

Our family de oro isn’t de oro.  They keep saying they are going to go to church, but then don’t go to church.  But, we’re working with them and we’re hoping that when we give them a new baptismal date they will be able to keep it.

We’re teaching this one couple who are sooooo great.  After the first time we taught them Hermana Cladera and I were pretty sure they thought we were from the Catholic church or Evanglists.  So, yesterday when we taught them we tried to emphasize the differences.  It was so awesome because I extended the compromiso to pray and ask God if Jose Smith is really a profeta of God and if the Book of Mormon is true.  And the dad, (Luciano) said "of course! Anything that is the word of Christ I will do!” They're great.

One super funny thing.  So, on my ipod I have the BYU Vocal Point hymns collection.  And Hermana Cladera loves loves Nearer My God to Thee.  So when we are walking en las calles she always has me teach her the words.  And she has knows the words in English to a Child’s Prayer.  We probably look a little nuts, singing English hymns, but I love it!

Down here the actual day of Easter isn’t that big.  What is big is Friday, because the Catholics don’t eat any meat for the whole week and on Friday they eat fish.  I sent mom a picture, but we got to our cook’s house and she was just frying fish for us to eat.  I was like "what, we really are just going to eat it while the eyeball is staring at me and I have to pick bones out? Alright!"  I don’t ever want to eat fish after my mission, but it could’ve been worse! I’m adjusting a lot better to the food.  I just grit my teeth and eat it and it’s getting easier.  It doesn’t make me sick, just tastes weird.

The mission is great and I’m so grateful to be serving down here.  Last night we had a lesson with a member who is the only member in her family and is submitting her papers.  We read doctrina y convenios cuatro with her and it served as such a reminder to me as to what a great cause I’m engaged in! Missions are the best and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Love you all!

Hermana Willes

Hermana Willes, Hermana Cladera, Daniel, Johan and a ward member

Hermana Willes and her "fish"

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