Hermana Lundy Willes

Hermana Lundy Willes

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First of Many

Sorry this will be super short because we only have fifteen minutes to write! Im just sending it to mom and she can forward it to everyone. 
I met up with the other missionaries in both atlanta and salt lake.  Three other missionaries are going to my mission, Hermana Adams, Elder Zollinger, and Elder Robison.  I already love them and am so happy I get to serve with them.  Hermana Adams is from payson (you creeps) (teasing us because we told her in our email that we stalked Facebook to see if we could find a Hope Adams that was leaving on a mission the same day as her.  And we found her :) and she is my companion.  WE ARE THE ONLY NORTH AMERICAN SISTERS HERE.  All the other hermanas are from venezula and dont speak any english! Turns out I did learn something from all those years in spanish, because I can kinda communicate with them.  Hm. Adams doesnt know a single word in spanish so its up to me to figure things out.  It makes me feel smart, so thats fun.  
The MTC here is super strict so I am only allowed to take pictures on my pday and they took our ipods and candy.  When we do take pictures Ill make sure to email them to you as fast as I can. Also we arent allowed to sit by the elders during meals, which makes me kinda sad but its a small price to pay for the awesome feeling here.  I LOVE all the missionaries, especially the latin ones.  They are so patient and helpful and just laugh at me when I make mistakes, which is every sentence.  Pres. and Sis. Dyer are awesome! Ive already learned so much from them and theyre from California, so I dont think they are related to Aaron.   
Its so beautiful here! When I stepped off the plane I felt right at home because it has the same feel as both Bolivia and Peru! I LOVE SOUTH AMERICA! 
Funny story already: they give us water bottles and today at lunch I was in line to get soup and I DROPPED MY WATER IN THE SOUP.  That all the missionaries eat out of.  Everyone just kinda stared at me and then they were started calling me hermana gringa.  I would be the person to do that!  
Anyways, I love you all and miss you so much.  It was really hard to say goodbye and last night was pretty tough and slightly overwhelming but I read your letters and felt so much better! Im glad new years was fun, Joseph better not have kissed any girls! Dad thanks for your email, it was so sweet! Im about to go get my nametag and have my first spanish class! Wish me luck! Hurray for Israel!  
Hermana Willes 
P.S. Sorry for all the grammar mistakes the keyboard is in spanish and wont let me put apostrophes in.  Dont worry Im painfully aware of them!

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